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The Oil Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico

So much has already been written, televised and spoken about the blow-out of the oil well that BP was drilling in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico, that one might ask, “what more can be said?”  The well-head is still leaking more than 85 days after the initial explosion, although the latest cap seems to be working.


The clean-up appears to be gaining ground but a large amount of oil still remains on the surface. The finger-pointing and personal abuse from the Obama administration continues to flow as they try to deflect criticism of their own failures.


Above all the repercussions for drilling and transporting oil in US coastal waters pose serious problems for tanker and supply-ship operators as well as the owners of the oil.


Download full article byPaul Slater  (First International , Friday 23rd July 2010)

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